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Tavala Moments

Being Your Own Best Friend d.nakasone

I wanted to share this beautiful quote along with a short story about our Tavala team. We started meeting just to share our Tavala experiences that happened over the prior week, meet new members and customers, talk story and really just hang out. I was sitting there and it just hit me that these people that I was surrounded by have had some incredible victories in the last few months! And I was just so very proud to be a part of this amazing company that has allowed us to have these stories to share, in such a short amount of time. First there was one guy who not only lost weight, but brought his A1C down from 11 to 5! He shocked his doctors! Then there were women that had lost 10, 15 and 20 lbs! I heard their stories of how depressed they had been...silently...and just suffering with their own pain. I know, I am the first one to say that our physical bodies are just a shell and do not determine our true beauty and who we are. I know that. Maybe it's the fact of just knowing we are not being the best that we can be that makes us unhappy. We know we can be healthier, have more energy, feel attractive, feel COMFORTABLE! That's my thing. If I can't reach down to grab something off the floor and feel comfortable, I'm not a happy camper! And different people have different tolerance levels...but the one thing I find in common is that when they are at the point of being able to share their struggles with another person and try and help them with their own struggles, I know they are healing and on the way to being their own best friend. It takes a lot of self-love to go and share your hardships you have overcome and bare your soul to another person. You would not do that if you didn't think you could inspire them in some way. Doesn't it feel good to inspire others? Doesn't it feel good to "WOW" yourself??

That is what I love about Tavala. What we do fits in so well with Devin's and my mission in life. It was such an easy transition. From the gang at our corporate office to our own leadership in Hawaii, including our personal team and the wholeTeam Honu...we just feel so blessed to be where we are and be among this caliber of people. And having the opportunity to share these life-changing products, friendships, and make even a little bit of a difference in someone's life--well that's priceless.

1 Step in a Dream is proud to offer the 100% U.S. organically grown and processed hemp products from CTFO.  CTFO has CBD and non-CBD product lines, with about 80 different products!


CTFO also offers us an amazing opportunity to work at home while earning generous commissions and having fun and helping others.  Please sign up for our email list and learn more about our business.

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