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We offer a variety of speaking, coaching and emcee services that can be personally customized for your needs and budget.  See below for a description and our rates.


1 Step in a Dream offers motivational and inspirational speaking. 


Motivational speeches can help to increase sales, boost morale or reinforce your company's message.

Inspirational speeches help to give hope, build dreams, and encourages people to use another's experience to help with issues they are going through.  An example is this short speech given by Devin during the acceptance of his Ten Outstanding Young Americans Award:



Speaking Rates

​Our rates for speaking start at $175 for one hour, or $300 for two hours.  This includes 2 speakers, or 1 speaker and 1 facilitator.


If you need a PA, we can provide one for $50 additional.


Discounts or pro-bono available for non-profit organizations. 




Life Coaching is a process whereby you are supported in moving from where you are to where you want to be.  We work with clients on business and professional goals, as well as personal dreams.  Sharlene is certified in the 10-step Dream Coaching process by Marcia Wieder and is currently studying through James Rayʻs Prometheus Academy for Leadership and Business Acceleration.


Devin and Sharlene are both passionate about health and wellness...Devin being a leukemia survivor and Sharlene studying holistic health, massage, and reiki for 20+ years.  Wellness Coaching focuses on setting goals to improve your health and wellness through holistic and natural means.



Coaching Rates

Life Coaching - $50 per hour session 

Wellness Coaching - $50 per hour session


Emcee Services


Devin and Sharlene's sizzling chemistry and unstoppable energy make them one of the most popular duo’s in Hawaii’s entertainment scene.


Devin’s ability to connect with and engage an audience, his quick wit and crazy antics, along with Sharlene’s vivacious personality and event coodination experience make them a perfect pair for hosting any event. Together, they have over 40 years of entertainment experience between them.



Emcee Rates


Our emcee rates start at $175 for 3 hours (total time) and $100 for each additional hour.  Rate is the same for 1 or 2 people.


If you need a PA, we can provide one.  Rates based on number of people.


Discounts or pro-bono available for non-profit organizations or community events.

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